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About Us

Our talent is facilitating learning and generating lasting transformation.

Ioana Georgiana Dragomir
Managing Partner
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We started in 2006.  Looking back...

·        In 2020 we are preparing new serviced tailored for the new global context.

·        In 2019 we brought to Romania the famous employee evaluation tool Bridge Personality.

·        In 2018 we created and delivered sales, negotiation, and conflict management training with our master-concept InnerSelling.

·        In 2017 we dedicated our focus to Individual and Team Coaching in 5 European countries.

·        In 2016 we celebrate our 10 years on the market with new concepts such as Know How-Sharing (Inter-Company Experience Exchange) and Mentoring programs. 

·        In 2015 we are launching the 'Sustainable You' (a development program for team and individuals, including peer learning, 1-day classroom teaching, team, and individual coaching, experiential learning)

·        In 2014 we have virtualized our head-hunting processes and launched Jobright.Careers  (the first Always-on Recruitment & Learning Virtual World).

·        In 2013 we introduced InView, our very own 4-pillar recruitment and selection tool.

·        In 2012 we launched the IT Leader Forum (Peer-Learning Leadership Development Program), Finance for Non-Financial, and Business Execution Mastery programs.

·        In  2011 we launched the Employer Brand Survey. We also opened our office in Sofia.

·        In  2010 we launched the Customer Centricity Program and also the Sales & Negotiation Academy.

·        In 2009 we developed over 50 training manuals and more than 15 team-building concepts. We also launched 'The Mirror' (Employee Competencies Evaluation Tool).

·        In 2008 we launched our 'Personnel Sourcing' service (combining leasing, training, and motivation).

·        In 2007 we became the preferred head-hunters in several technical industries.

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