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Assessments and Reports


We built and delivered Assessment Centers (for specialists, managers, and senior managers), team profiles and evaluations (various skills & competencies, satisfaction and motivation levels, team dynamics, etc.) and company analysis (organizational culture diagnosis, 360 surveys, employer brand surveys).

Furthermore, as of 2019, we introduced in Romania the well-known Bridge Personality instrument.

Assessment Center


We recognize that continuous investment in identifying & developing leaders it is one of the mandatory goals for smart organizations, as today’s business environment demands strong leadership, steady drive and overall higher people quality. 


Our most demanded Assessment Center package includes the following instruments:

  1. In Basket for evaluating what is the competency level and at what degree that competency is delivered in the job activities;

  2. Study Case as an instrument for observing how does the individual applies the competencies inside the team and how does the individual contributes to team’s development (as support) with the competency';

  3. Structured interview  for assessing the way the individual has used the competencies in his personal experience;

  4. Personality questionnaire to determine how the personality will facilitate or inhibit the successful application of these competencies in real professional life.

Team Profiling


The entire InnerLook team profiling concept revolves around our strong belief that the human being is a puzzle of elements (innate or developed), elements that determine and induce the way we behave.


Our experience can offer clarifications regarding:

  • The development level related to your company’s competency matrix;

  • The way these competencies are delivered/ applied inside the team/ organization;

  • The personality profile which acts as an inhibitor or facilitator for these competencies.

as well as recommendations for each individual & team growth.


Using different instruments, we assess the team dynamic, communication patterns, team roles and collaboration styles, development level, interaction preferences, and motivators.

One of the most appreciated instruments that we used under license for the evaluation and development of teams is  GSI (Group Style Inventory).

Department Diagnosis


For our customers we have built customized surveys and reports (organizational culture, employer branding, employee satisfaction, customer orientation) and we have supported them in managing the process, consolidating the end results and delivering the recommendations.


Furthermore, as of 2014, together with our partner Cleantech Romania we have specialized in Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility Reports who will become mandatory in the near future for most companies. On February 26, 2014 the European Council and the European Commission reached an agreement that guarantees that the forthcoming European directive on corporate social responsibility will require all publicly traded companies with more than 500 employees to report their performance on a number of non-financial metrics every year. Specifically, companies will be required to provide in their annual reports relevant and useful information concerning their human rights impacts, environmental performance, anti-corruption measures and diversity programs


If you want to know more about this topic, please send us an email today!

If you are interested in InnerLook assessment services, send us your request today and we'll be happy to schedule a meeting!

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