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Bridge Personality

In 2019, InnerLook Consulting brings to Romania the Bridge Personality Instrument, probably the best personality questionnaire available today.

Bridge Personality is the world-famous personality questionnaire that is used for the selection and development of employees. This assessment instrument is based on years of scientific research into personality questionnaires. The Bridge Personality is the only personality test available worldwide that measures personality according to both the ‘Big Five’ model of personality and ‘Jung’ personality types.

Bridge Personality measures the personality with 34 personality dimensions and behavioral preferences with 16 Jung Types. On top of an overview of these personality dimensions and types, The Bridge Personality also gives scores on the 8 competencies most commonly required in the business and public sector. The setup of the assessment system allows for additional competencies to be included in The Bridge Personality reports if you wish.

YOu can find out more information by clicking here or by downloading one of the template reports.

Why Bridge Personality?

Bridge Personality:

  • is an extremely reliable and valid test for gaining insight into the personality and competencies of your employees.

  • uses Interactive Question Technology, which means that the test takes account of the answer behavior of the candidate.

  • measures whether your candidate has been honest in filling in the test (normative and ipsative scores);

  • Used for the selection and development of employees;

  • Available in 20 languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, and Romanian;


Bridge Personality is a reliable, valid and interactive personality test, which you can use for several purposes. To find out more about this instrument, call +40 372 95 33 33 or send us an e-mail.

Bridge Personality Certification

We invite you to become Partners by participating to the Bridge Personality Certification process!


Business Meeting

When we designed the certification process we aimed to create a format that would guarantee not only solid knowledge transfer and preparation but also accessible and convenient learning. By using modern technologies and communication instruments, we offer a certification process that will happen both online and at our office in Bucharest.

The Certification process is ensured entirely by InnerLook Consulting consultants, who have the relevant qualification and the unique right to perform it in Romania. We guarantee the highest level of competency in training and coaching, strong business and psychological knowledge as well as may years of experience with successful results and ambitious projects involving psychometric instruments.

For additional information regarding the Bridge Personality Certification, please call us at +40 372 95 33 33 or send us an e-mail and well get back to you promtly!

Report Templates

For a better understanding of the report, you can download:

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