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How can coaching help you?


Companies and individuals have called for InnerLook  coaching, for their need to:

  • initiate and facilitate change as well as to improve existing performance, the end-goal being to develop different capabilities.


  • concentrate the entire attention to the targets and to the resources needed to achieve them;


Individual benefits from coaching

  • Knowing and understanding oneself in order to enhance adaptability to environment and targets;

  • Understanding better own emotions and feelings and displaying them more appropriately at work & at home, in order to improve relations;

  • Overcoming internal barriers and resistance to change;

  • Recognizing and managing efficiently and proactively the stress;

  • Solving internal and external conflicts and consolidating trust;

  • Developing advanced communication skills


Organizational benefits from coaching

  • Guiding & supporting necessary organizational changes (roles, structures, team, responsibilities, etc.)

  • Growing the ability to lead the team and/or the project

  • Increase productivity and achieve sustainability

Georgi Site 1.jpg

I'm Georgiana Dragomir

and I can be your coach!


My practical relevant experience:

  • Senior Trainer & Coach: 22  years 

  • Recruitment: 21 years

  • Management: 20 years



If you want to discuss, please send me a direct e-mail right now and I'll call you to schedule a meeting.

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