Team Building: Please, take a look of some of our events

All our events start with a creative idea and aim to trigger what you want  for your team!

Our tailor-made method applies to team-building events, too. Let us surprise you with our creativity! Once we have understood your need and context, we'll create a unique scenario just for you: from the story, to activities and to final outcome, we'll propose a title, a logo, a theme and an style of the event, will send customized invitations and follow-ups to participants, we'll deliver a turn-key event if you want us to. If not, we'll simply fit to the theme and to time slot you've allocated in your event schedule for our activities.


We had fun and learned with groups from  less than 10 to more than 300 people. We have organized events indoor and outdoor, in the mountain, at the seaside, in the Delta, all over Romania and Bulgaria. We can make movies and improvisation, sing and dance, ski and sail, run and climb, create all sorts of campaigns and build things,  and organize "festivals" and sport competitions!  Just let us know what is your preference and we'll come up with an exciting proposal.


If you want to get the "look & feel" of InnerLook team-building events, please our gallery above. Then, send us a request today! We'll be more than happy to discuss and to send you our proposal, tailor specifically for you!