We are specialized in tailor-made experiential learning. We always start with a discussion in order to understand you needs and specifics. Then we'll propose a training curriculum, an agenda and customized practical activities. In you are interested, please send us your request today!


Top Recommended Training Programs

#1. Sustainable Leader, Sustainable Team!


Goal: Support your successful transformation into a sustainable human-being and  a leader who will reshape own sustainable life, family, team and profession.


This concept is the result of 20 years of working with, for and among people, the experience of thousands of hours of coaching, training, recruiting and consulting. “Sustainable You!” is built on the foundation of the greatest coaching tools & neurogical and psychological insights has the validation of the results of thousands of people. The 1 or 2 days event is highly practical and creates the right forum for meaningful interaction. This is an experience that everyone should have!


If you want to transform from “human-doing” to “human-being”, there is nothing more empowering and more liberating than the clarity and purpose of yourself! We’ll hold the mirror and facilitate the understanding.  The rest is up to you! Please send us a request today and we'll send you the course details.

#2. Inner Sales (Inside-Out Selling)

Goal: Get the relevant knowledge and start the assisted practice needed to develop consultative selling skills mandatory in any direct sales and Key Account Management activity!


If you would like to overcome your existing sales-related barriers, if you aim to optimally manage all your customer interactions, this program was designed for you! During the training, we’ll cover all the steps of the consultative sales process (from visit preparation to deal closing and post-visit analysis), we’ll review best objection handling techniques, we’ll practice best tactics for negotiating agreement and will create together YOUR customized long-term strategy for constructive and impactfull communication for your customer portfolio. And every-thing will start inside-out: from in-depth understanding of your and customers’ “mind & hearth”!


Furthermore, after the training, you’ll benefit from 3-coaching session of joint field sales visits with the trainer. If you want to know more, please send us a request today and we'll send you the course details.

#3. In View (Recruitment & Selection Training)

Goal: Find and choose the right person in minimum time!


InView represents our accumulated key-learning  from our head-hunting expertise, tailored to optimize your recruitment process and to innovate your selection methods. InView integrates an end-to-end methodology, offering a practical toolkit from the moment of identifying your candidate hunting-grounds, to creative ways of building your candidate pipe-line, providing clear interview guides and on-boarding tips.


If your job involves hiring people, this is the training that will make all the difference to your succes! If you want to know more, please send us a request today and we'll send you the course details.

#4. Time Management (The 5th Generation)

Goal: Understand time, your relationship with time and chose the tools & methods suitable for you


In this training we'll talk about the geography and the psychology of time, we'll identify your natural time orientation & rhythm, we'll review the 4 time-management generation and their time management tools and we'll understand the 5th Time Generation. We'll recognize your present environment, your psychology and daily habits and we'll choose new instruments that work and bring results. 


If you would like to improve or enhance your relationship with time, to help yourself, your family and your team, step into the 5th Time Generation. If you want to know more, please send us a request today and we'll send you the course details.

#5. The Science of Achieving:
(Goals & Productivity Habits)

Goal: Change your goals setting & achieving paradigm, learn the principles of productivity, reveal existing personal barriers in achieving more and put the right  habits to work for you!


In this training we'll build the best and most effective pyramid for achieving your goals! We'll formulate them, we'll create the right strategy and choose the optimum tactics & plan, we'll design the right habits and visit your core values and believes related to these goals and we'll base everything on your motivation of follow thru until success!


If you would like to be more effective, use less energy and effort and succeed in producing lasting results, this is the training that will change your life! If you want to know more, please send us a request today and we'll send you the course details.