What We Do

We are specialized in tailor-made experiential learning. For us, the challenge is providing particular solutions specially created and adapted to the specific and size of each client. Whether is about the entire company or just a department, a team or one individual, we find solutions inside the problem. We literally enter the day-by-day life of the company and we apply the solution on the need spot. This is our motto: "We are in!".


This learning can take the form of a classroom training, peer-sharing forums or team-building activities (indoor or outdoor) and are preceded and followed by coaching and/or mentoring.

We have more than 100 titles of trainings delivered for the past 10 years. This titles cover for sure all the areas requested by most companies, on both soft skills (i.e. communication, sales, negotiation, presentation, customer care, loyalty & retention, collection, recruitment & selection, conflict management, change management, time management, setting goals, delegation, giving and receiving feedback, running meetings, evaluating, personal efficiency, business execution, strategy, innovation, managing up-ward, etc.) and hard skills (i.e. finance for non-financials, project management, marketing, process management, business requirements capturing).


If you are interested in InnerLook training, please send us a request today. We'll be more than happy to discuss and to send you our proposal, tailored for you!

Our tailor-made method applies to team-building events, too. Let us surprise you with our creativity! Once we have understood your need and context, we'll create a unique scenario just for you: from the story, to activities and to final outcome, we'll propose a title, a logo, a theme and a style of the event, will send customized invitations and follow-ups to participants, we'll deliver a turn-key event if you want us to. If not, we'll simply fit to the theme and to time slot you've allocated in your event schedule for our activities.


If you want to get the "look & feel" of InnerLook team-building events, please visit our gallery. Then, send us a request today. We'll be more than happy to discuss and to send you our proposal, tailored for you!

Our development programs have an excellent track-record of results because we have always combined traditional learning with coaching and/ or mentoring. This mix helped our clients to initiate and facilitate change as well as to improve existing performance and generated the end result of developing individual and team capabilities.  


If you are interested in InnerLook coaching & mentoring services, we'll be happy to answer to your request promptly!

As a result of our extended experience and 360 degrees expertize in the human resources field (from recruitment and selection, to development, evaluation, re-orientation and outplacement), we have developed and applied efficient tools for personnel assessment and evaluation (inside and outside the organization).


We have build and delivered Assessment Centers (for specialists, managers and senior managers), team profiling and evaluations (various skills & competencies, satisfaction and motivation levels, team dynamics, etc) and company analysis (organizational culture diagnosis, 360 Surveys, employer brand surveys).


If you are interested in InnerLook assessment services, we'll be happy to answer to your request promptly!


Practise Areas

We have the privilege of having served more than 100 clients, covering a wide-range of industries:


  • Advertising

  • Agriculture

  • Automotive

  • Banking & Financial Services

  • Betting & Gambling

  • Business Process Outsourcing

  • Electronics

  • FMCG

  • Heavy Industry

  • IT & C

  • Legal Services

  • Manufacturing

  • Medical Services

  • Microelectronics

  • Oil & Gas

  • Online Services

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Public Sector

  • Real Estate

  • Retail

  • Security

  • Telecommunication

Countries where we have delivered our services